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A one of a kind institution
IMRT’s associations with other metros, the industry, and premium institutions ensure that everything taught here stays relevant and incisive. The courses drive students to think and apply classroom learning to solve real-life cases. This ensures that students understand every aspect of metro and rail technology, from design and development to the actual impact.

The program also bring together international best practices and the most recent research in a cohesive, action-oriented format. They expose students/participants to relevant knowledge and prepare them to take on impactful roles in the rail and metro industry.

Relevant learning and insights
IMRT designs training models and programs across different domains in the rail technology space to build capacities and professional competencies for working professionals and graduate engineers. Expert learning is imparted through a combination of high quality courseware, innovative teaching methods, case-and-problem based learning, and experience sharing with national as well as international experts from the industry.