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Who We Are

The Institute of Metro and Rail Technology (IMRT) is a first-of-its-kind institution that aims to be a knowledge leader in Metro and Rail technology. IMRT was envisioned with the objective of producing next-generation 'techno-managers', capable of making crucial decisions using their skills and understanding of the sector. IMRT will groom a new breed of professional engineers for the rail and metro industry by designing, developing, and delivering high-impact learning programs through education and research. The institution's strength lies in offering specialized training and education for engineering graduates as well as experienced professionals in the rail and metro space.

IMRT is promoted by Balaji Railroad systems Limited (BARSYL), a consulting firm specializing in providing niche technical and management support to the railways of several countries. For over 27 years, BARSYL has consulted an over 800 projects across freight, passenger, metro, and monorail systems. This gives IMRT direct access to industry insights, railroad experts, and incisive case studies.

IMRT understands that the industry is all about real-time, scalable impact that can play a critical role in the larger economic picture. The faculty, curriculum and teaching modules devised will help produce metro and railway professionals for the upcoming need in the field, tapping into their potential to make them the next generation techno-managers.

Vision & Mission

To be a world-class institution responsible for moulding next-generation railway professionals, so they can create a positive impact in the rail industry through their learning.

To be a knowledge leader in the space of rail and metro by designing, developing, and delivering high-impact learning for the rail industry through education and research. IMRT will symbolize the depth and breadth of knowledge a metro and railways professional needs to be able to run a critical aspect of urban transportation and ensure the safety of human life.