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Urbanization has brought enormous opportunities with it, spurring cities across India into unprecedented growth and creating the need for modern transportation systems like the Metro. This has also created a high demand for highly skilled and qualified railway professionals.

At the Institute of Metro & Rail Technology (IMRT) - the first of its kind in the industry - our goal is to nuture the next generation of talent who will create and manage urban transportation in India. As an institution, our mission is to make a real impact on the country and its people.

IMRT will not only strive to become a knowledge leader in the space of rail and metro education, but will also focus on imparting values that will have far-reaching benefits. This makes our role as a world - class educational institution even more challenging. Associations with renowned engineering institutions and a strong emphasis on industry research play a vital role in helping us live upto a larger vision of molding responsible engineers and managers.

We understand that a talented, well-equipped, and well-informed workforce will go a long way in empowering every project. The emphasis of the programs at IMRT will be on creating just this kind of talent pool. After all, successfully understanding and employing available technology to create industry models that are safe as well as sustainable will ensure the growth of India and the professionals who play a key role in it.

Sunil Srivastava
Founder - IMRT