Choosing the right track with IMRT We’re down to seven The industry cannot say it any clearer. Only seven per-cent of degree holding engineers are employable today. If this is not a wake-up call for upcoming engineers and students looking forward to a career in engineering, we don’t know what is. Engineers have ridden the.. Read More

If Delhi Metro Wrote a CV

Delhi Metro never wrote a resume, for sure. Aspirant engineers and technicians write resumes intending to get selected to serve it. Understandably, because it is one of the world’s foremost underground (in stretches above, too) railway systems. That bit aside, if the Delhi metro ever did write curriculum vitae for itself, what could be the.. Read More

It’s a Metro World

Curious facts about metro stations around the world Metro transport is perhaps the savior of big city commuters more than any other mode of transit today. Around the world, people take the subway to work and elsewhere in cities every day. Reliable and economic, the underground, as it is popularly known in the UK, has.. Read More