RAMS for Railway Systems at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

IMRT collaborated with the Reliability Engineering Centre of IIT Kharagpur for designing and delivering a customised training program on RAMS for Railway Systems. The 5 day program was organised at the Reliability Engineering Centre at IIT from the 21st to 25th of July 2014. The program was attended by employees of Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation, Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd., Ansaldo STS, CMC, Bombardier Transportation, Geometric Global, Qatar Rail Project etc.

The 5 day program covered Basics of Systems Assurance, Probability Distribution Functions, Failure Data Analysis, System Maintainability, Hazard Analysis, Risk Metrics & SIL Allocation, Software Reliability, Reliability Apportionment, Safety for Railway systems. This is the first program being organised jointly by Reliability Engineering Centre and IMRT.